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Made for Ludum Dare 41 Theme: Combine 2 Incompatible Genres

Have you ever wondered how your (love) life would have played out had you been born a manticore?
Did you always want to have a harem full of cute and terrifying monsters?
Are you still wondering what's up with that Flamingo from our earlier games?
Us too! And now finally the answer to all these questions is here.

"Rose-Coloured Dungeon Life", a game that has you romancing monsters instead of killing them. (We mean that. No killing monsters neccessary.)
Instead you slaughter humans (they deserve it), get to know up to four unique partners (could it be there is a secret fifth one? naaaah.) and save the dungeon.
We know you love to be the knight in shining armor. (Though you may die some times. Use WaifuMode for more waifu and less shining.)


W, A, S, DMovement
J, K, LPaw attack, Tail attack, Dash
W, SSelect text option
Esc Open / Close options


CEO, ProgrammingJunber
GraphicsSturo and CFallonart
Design, MarketingHisfantor
Story, DesignBelphegor and Featherwinged

Have fun, lowercase_games Twitter Reddit Instagram 


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Fun little game! I didn't have time to play all the way through it unfortunately, but I did like what I did play. The dialogues and characters are really fun, but the battling unfortunately felt like a chore. The tail attack seems too slow for not enough pay off as compared to the claw attack. I think the tail attack would do better with a little bit of range to it, which would really help against the axe wielding people who are the bane of my existence in this game. Still really enjoyed it, and I might play it some more to get to the end cause I found waifu mode while quitting and I'll admit I really want to know what that does. Hope you enjoy the video!